Russ Alan Prince, president of R.A. Prince & Associates, Inc., is internationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the private wealth industry. He consults with the financial elite and the professionals who work with them.

A prolific writer, he’s penned more than forty books including, Profitable Brilliance and The Family Office. He is a founder and the Executive Director of Private Wealth magazine and writes the Serious Money on Forbes column.


Understand the World of Ultra-Wealthy Inheritors

Demographic shifts are creating a great number of ultra-wealthy inheritors (net worth = $100 million or more). These individuals represent an exceptionally profitable, yet severely underserved segment of the financial elite. Taking the Reins provides critical knowledge to understanding, accessing, and working with these exceptionally affluent individuals.

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Learn How to Cultivate Centers of Influence For a Flood of New Affluent Clients

"The step-by-step approach described in this book will unlock a treasure trove of new business for those who have the good sense to implement it. The authors’ insights on how to develop and leverage relationships are second to none."

—Lewis Schiff, Author of the highly acclaimed Business Brilliant and Executive Director, Inc. Business Owners Council

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Learn How to Negotiate Like Many of The Forbes 400 Richest Americans

Negotiation is a key wealth creation skill. And contrary to what you’ve always heard, great negotiations are not about reaching a happy medium for all parties.

I Win, You Whatever provides lessons learned and the secrets revealed from careful study and research of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and master wealth creators.

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